The Closest Liquor Store Near Me: Get what You Need for Two-ingredient Cocktails

Your search for, “the closest liquor store near me,” ends here. Our Phoenix, AZ, liquor store offers everything you need for a fun night of mixing cocktails at home. Are you new to mixology and looking to keep things simple? Check out these great two-ingredient cocktails.

Vodka Cranberry

It’s hard to go wrong with vodka and cranberry juice. It’s simple, tart, and tasty. The vodka provides a nice buzz, and the cranberry juice offers some nutritional benefits. It’s an excellent source of vitamin E, vitamin C, and several other powerful antioxidants, such as quercetin.

Mint-free Julep

You’ve heard of a mint julep. The classic drink includes three ingredients, but you can skip the mint to simplify this cocktail. To make this drink, which is sometimes called the “juicy julep,” mix bourbon and simple syrup.

Rum and Coke

The sweet and fizzy cola pairs well with rum. The cocktail is usually served with a lime wedge or mixed with lime juice. You can keep it simple by skipping the citrus.

Irish Coffee

There’s nothing better than a cocktail that provides both the energy of caffeine and the buzz of alcohol. An Irish coffee can do just that. It’s the ideal cocktail for weekend day drinking!

Some versions of the drink feature additional ingredients, such as brown sugar. You can make a two-ingredient version by skipping the sugar and mixing coffee with Irish cream liqueur.


This classic has two ingredients: vodka and orange juice. The orange juice adds a sweet flavor that’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the taste of alcohol. It also offers a few nutritional benefits. Orange juice contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, folate, and iron. If you choose a variety that includes pulp, you’ll get some fiber from the cocktail as well.


This simple cocktail combines peach nectar with a splash of champagne. Its refreshing sweetness is perfect for a Sunday brunch or weekend meetup with the girls.


No list of two-ingredient cocktails would be complete without the martini. The cocktail, rumored to have been invented in California during the Gold Rush, has been a popular choice for decades. You might know it as James Bond’s preferred beverage. To mix one, use three parts gin and half a part vermouth.


Here’s another one for the gin lovers. Make this cocktail by mixing two ounces of gin with your preferred amount of grapefruit juice. The bitter tartness of the grapefruit juice pairs well with the gin.

The Shandy

Most people don’t think of beer as a cocktail ingredient, but there are many delicious cocktails that feature our favorite brews. To make a shandy, mix a pale beer with lemonade. Most recipes call for an equal mix of each ingredient, but you can modify it to make the drink stronger or weaker.

The Closest Liquor Store Near Me: Stock Up on Essentials

Our Phoenix location offers a convenient way to stock up on all your cocktail essentials. Whether you want to make two-ingredient cocktails or get more creative, you’ll find everything you need here. Visit us today!


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