Liquor Store Movie Recommendations

Movie nights have always been a blast. In 2021, many Phoenix locals came to appreciate the art of film more than ever. During the covid-19 lockdowns, films gave us something to do. They also helped us escape the stress of a turbulent world. Much like a fine cocktail or mug of great beer from a liquor store, a movie can lift our spirits and remind us of better times.

This winter, more lockdowns are possibly on the horizon. Many of us are looking for ways to stay happy and entertained at home. A trick to the liquor store helps, but before you head out the door, consider what movies you’d like to watch.

Comedy: Craft Beer

When you can’t decide on a film genre, comedy is always a good choice. We could all use a few extra laughs this year. Pair a night of viewing your favorite classic comedies with drinking your preferred craft beers. You can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true flavors you love.

Romance: Red Wine

What says “romance” more than a bottle of wine? Whether you’re getting cozy with a lover or relaxing alone, watching a romantic movie is a fun way to spend an evening. The perfect bottle of wine can help! A nice red wine, such as a Syrah or pinot noir, is ideal for a romantic film.

Travel: A Tropical Cocktail

Movies with travel themes might make you long for the pre-coronavirus era. Remember when anyone could hop on a plane and head for a tropical destination without a care in the world? Those were the days. At least we can still watch travel-themed movies at home.

If you feel envy watching your favorite characters trek through the jungle, treat yourself to a tropical cocktail. Try a Mai Tai, a delicious tropical drink made from rum, orange curaçao, and orgeat syrup. A Blue Hawaii is another tasty option, made from rum, vodka, and blue curaçao.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: A Futuristic Cocktail

Getting lost in an epic fantasy or sci-fi film is one of the best ways to escape the stress of life. A futuristic cocktail will make the experience even more special. Flex some creative muscle by making a space-age gin and tonic.

Mix Bombay Sapphire Gin, lime juice, and tonic water, and then add blue ice cubes made with butterfly pea flower extract. The blue color will swirl into the drink as the ice melts, creating a vibrant cocktail suitable for a fantasy setting.

Western: Whiskey

There’s no better drink to pair with a western than a glass of whiskey. Back in the old days, saloons would serve a variety of harsh whiskeys made from raw alcohol, burnt sugar, and tobacco. These days, the selection is a bit better. When you visit our store, you’ll have your choice of whiskeys from a wide range of brands.

Now that you have some ideas, be sure to head to our Phoenix store to pick up the beers, wines, and spirits you’ll need for your next movie night. If you need help, our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

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